Concept Design

Because of our innovative and efficient planning process, we are able to plan a solution that fully meets the objectives and quality requirements of our customers. We are also able to give our solutions a productivity guarantee, if we implement all the phases of the design process. Our expertise and precise calculations makes this unique guarantee possible.



In the analysis phase we map out the current production process and the improvement needs of the customer. In order to establish a starting point for the project, we map out and analyze the manufacturing process and establishing the current state of production.



Next, we make a preliminary mapping/scheme out of the ideal process where we generate ideas and survey alternative processes in co-operation with the customer. The ideal process depicts the optimal production line that fully meets the customers’ needs. We also set targets for the production process and determine the various phases of the production process.

Designing the Ideal Process:

MANUFACTURING PHASES – we conduct an rigorous analysis of the process to establish production phases that maximize the efficiency of manufacturing.

SCHEDULING OF MANUFACTURING – We design an efficient manufacturing schedule that takes into account each dependency in detail.

MANUFACTURING SEQUENCES – We calculate an efficient sequence for the manufacturing line, balance the phases and determine the capacity and production capacity of the line


We are able to implement the ideal process into a realistic investment project due to our extensive experience and knowledge of the technology of manufacturing industry.

Executing the Implementation phase:
We survey our customers’ manufacturing plant and determine the optimal usage of the plant for the planned production line. In particular, we pay attention to work ergonomics and safety issues. This survey then serves as an outline for the conceptual layout of the production line. The ideal process and the conceptual layout are then utilized to determine the most efficient production methods, machines and equipment that meet the requirements of the production line.

We are also able, in cooperation with our partners, to offer material management and steering solutions that offer the optimal support for the production line.


Because of our innovative planning process we are able to determine the efficiency of the production line, as well as the profitability and payback calculations related to it very accurately. We are therefore able to give an all-encompassing quote on the implementation of the complete solution. To further support the decision making process, the offering also includes detailed technical specifications. In addition, we are able to give our conceptual design a productivity guarantee when we implement all the phases of the design process in their entirety. Our expertise and precise calculations makes this unique guarantee possible.