ABB Value Provider Network

Jucat & ABB Robotics have been co-operating since 2014 and Jucat became Value Provider Partner in 2019

ABB Robotics is a leading provider of industrial robotics and automation solutions. The company offers a wide range of robots and robotic systems for various applications, including welding, handling, assembly, painting, and more. ABB Robotics has a long history of innovation and is dedicated to advancing the technology and capabilities of industrial robots. The company works closely with customers to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve safety. With a global network of service and support centers, ABB Robotics is able to provide customers with the assistance they need to get the most out of their robotic systems.

Jucat is a member of ABB Value Provider Network


The ABB Value Provider Program is a global program that partners with select distributors, wholesalers, panel builders, installers, service providers, system integrators, and OEMs in the power products industry. Members of this premium program, known as ABB Value Providers, have undergone a rigorous authorization process to ensure that they are able to deliver the same high level of quality as ABB products. As authorized ABB Value Providers, these partners have in-depth knowledge of local markets and expertise in the use of ABB products and processes.

Access to ABB’s expertise and resources globally


Global customer services


World class training services

Jucat offers tailormade solutions for your robot welding needs

  • Designed and assembled by Jucat
  • Different welding techniques
  • Different levels of automation
  • Using ABB Robotics

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