ABB RobotStudio is a software tool that allows users to design, program, simulate, and test robots and robot workcells. It is a powerful and flexible tool that can be used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, logistics, and manufacturing.
With RobotStudio, users can create virtual 3D models of robots and workcells, and use these models to test and optimize the performance of their systems. The software includes a range of tools for programming and simulating robots, as well as tools for creating and testing complex workflows and processes. It also includes tools for analyzing the performance of robots and workcells, as well as tools for generating reports and documentation.

RobotStudio is a useful tool for roboticists, engineers, and other professionals who work with robots, as it allows them to test and optimize the performance of their systems before implementing them in the real world. It is also a valuable tool for educators and students who are interested in learning about robotics and automation.

Maximize productivity

Test out your exact welding cell in a 3D environment without disturbing ongoing production

Superior felixibility

Quickly redesign and plan new robotic solutions 

Faster time-to-market

Reduce your downtimes by doing everything virtually. Bring down comissioning times from days to zero!

Jucat offers tailormade solutions for your robot welding needs

  • Designed and assembled by Jucat
  • Different welding techniques
  • Different levels of automation
  • Using ABB Robotics

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