Mobilised workpiece positioner

Workpiece positioners are traditionally bolted in place and workpieces are moved from one device to the next phase using a crane. One production line may contain several, and even dozens, of workpiece positioners depending on the length and number of phases of the production chain. Not much time is wasted if devices are designed to ensure that workpieces can be attached and detached as quickly and safely as possible, without many detachments in the chain.
Our innovative mobilised workpiece positioners enable moving the workpiece to the optimal welding or assembly position swiftly and safely which improves ergonomics and occupational safety and multiplies production efficiency. This results in an increased capacity to meet the industry’s challenges and stand out from competitors.

With mobilised workpiece positioner, you reduce the dependence of production on crane capacity

significantly fewer attachments and detachments

If a production chain contains 15 phases that require a workpiece positioner, up to three hours can easily be spent on simply detaching, moving, and attaching products. Not to mention that you often have to wait for a crane, too. One mobilised workpiece positioner can be run through the product’s entire chain without needing to detach it at any phase. And you only need a crane at the start and end of the chain.

You can work on the workpiece while it is moving

Moving a workpiece from one traditional workpiece positioner to another stops production work and forces people and subsequent work phases alike to wait for the move to be complete. In a mobilised workpiece positioner, it is possible to rotate, lift or lower the product while moving it, as it is conveniently attached to the positioner.

A single mobilised workpiece positioner can replace several traditional positioners

A single production line may contain dozens of phases that require a workpiece positioner. This means that you also need dozens of traditional workpiece positioners that are affixed to the floor. A mobilised workpiece positioner, on the other hand, moves throughout the entire production chain without needing to be detached until the end of the chain. It can even replace all of the static workpiece positioners in the line. This also minimises the need for a crane, as the workpiece will need to be moved significantly fewer times. The share of productive work increases as auxiliary phases are weeded out of the chain.

Available for a wide range of product capacities

Mobilised workpiece positioners can be used to handle products of various capacities, from hundreds of kilos to thousands of kilos. The mobilised workpiece positioner is battery-powered and operated using a control panel. The device is suitable for normal factory conditions with a maximum fluctuation of 5cm in floor level. Use of the device does not require special skills, but naturally all of our deliveries also include user training provided by our experts.

The benefits of a workpiece handling machine, now mobile

  • The cylinders’ measurement rods or laser sensors ensure that both ends of the workpiece are moved simultaneously.
  • Proportional valves ensure controlled accelerations and lifts while preventing swings.
  • Frequency converters adjust speed, ensuring that rotational movements start and end smoothly. When the workpiece is already moving, the speed can be adjusted in stages.
  • Collision thresholds can be saved for various heights so that the workpiece and positioner can move freely without any risk of collision.
  • The option to program work cycles and save work stages enables completing the work stages more quickly while ensuring consistent quality.
  • The workpiece positioner always turns the object to the correct angle automatically.

Customised workpiece positioners to meet individual needs

In addition to the standard equipment range, we manufacture solutions designed to meet individual needs. As our advanced and effective design and production process enables us to provide our clients with all the benefits of high-grade technology, our products come with a productivity guarantee. Tell us what you require, and we can jointly design the optimal solution to meet your production needs!

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