Increasing productivity is key to ensuring a company’s sustainable competitiveness. Jucat welding positioners are designed to improve the cost-efficiency and ergnomics of welding.

Our innovative welding positioners enable moving the workpiece to the optimal welding position swiftly and safely which improves ergonomics and occupational safety and multiplies production efficiency. This results in an increased capacity to meet the industry’s challenges and stand out from competitors.

Always optimal position

Efficiency increased by at least 30%

Programmable work cycles enable accelerated work stages and decreased lead times. There is no need to wait as the machine is always ready to work. Pieces are welded in the workpiece positioner which streamlines the work and reduces the need to remove and re-position the piece. This provides a significant boost to competitiveness in the tendering phase as increased productivity decreases the price – without compromising the sales margin. 

Improved safety and ergonomics

The workpiece positioner enables welding all seams in the flat position which is, according to studies, the most ergonomic welding position. As the welder can choose from various heights and angles, an optimal work position is always ensured regardless of the welder’s height. In addition, the positioner significantly reduces the load and strain on the employee’s body. This results in fewer aches, pains and sick leaves caused by poor ergonomics.

Remarkably improved quality

The workpiece positioner holds the object to be welded in the best possible position, and the programmable work cycle enables performing all welds from a certain angle and in the same order. The object can also be agilely turned to the position optimal to each work stage. This enables easily tightening the bolt, nut or hydraulic component to torque and always from the same angle, without compromising any quality factors.


Our workpiece positioners represent the highest-in-class technology which is not manufactured elsewhere. Their numerous smart functionalities ensure running the production efficiently, processing workpieces in a manner as straightforward as possible and reaching high-quality output time and again. The properties for moving workpieces and adjusting movement speed increase worker safety and prevent machine breakdowns by eliminating collisions. We also provide portable and mobile workpiece positioners!

  • The cylinders’ measurement rods or laser sensors ensure that both ends of the workpiece are moved simultaneously.
  • Proportional valves ensure controlled accelerations and lifts while preventing swings.
  • Frequency converters adjust speed, ensuring that rotational movements start and end smoothly. When the workpiece is already moving, the speed can be adjusted in stages.
  • Collision thresholds can be saved for various heights so that the workpiece and positioner can move freely without any risk of collision.
  • The option to program work cycles and save work stages enables completing the work stages more quickly while ensuring consistent quality.
  • The workpiece positioner always turns the object to the correct angle automatically.


Single-axle welding positioner

Grill-type positioner that rotates the workpiece around a single axle. The workpiece is attached to plates in the positioner’s opposite poles, after which both ends of the workpiece can be lifted, lowered and rotated simultaneously. The JCP positioner is used particularly for handling large, heavy and elongated pieces such as frames. There is no limit to the length of the workpiece. The positioner can be used for handling pieces of any length.

JCP workpiece positionersJCP 1500JCP 3000JCP 6000JCP 12000JCP 16000JCP 32000
Lifting capacity1500 kg/pair3000 kg/pair6000 kg/pair12000 kg/pair16000 kg/pair32000 kg/pair
Rotational torque2500 Nm6000 Nm8000 Nm10000 Nm10000 Nm18000 Nm
Tilt torque3000 Nm7500 Nm7500 Nm12000 Nm20000 Nm50000 Nm
Lifting range700-1800 mm800-2000 mm800-2000 mm800-2000 mm800-2000mm1000-1800 mm
Plate diameter500 mm750 mm750 mm950 mm950 mm1490 mm
Weight/unit600 kg1000 kg1000 kg1250 kg1300 kg4800 kg


Double-axle welding positioner

The L-shaped positioner enables rotating the workpiece around two axles upward, downward and sideways up to 360 degrees. This allows placing the workpiece precisely to the desired welding position. The JCL welding positioner can be used for handling medium-size products with a maximum diameter of 3 metres.

JCL workpiece positionersJCL 750JCL 1500JCL 3000JCL 8000
Lifting capacity750 kg1500 kg3000 kg8000 kg
Rotational torque2500 Nm2500 Nm6000 Nm10000 Nm
Inclination torque2500 Nm6000 Nm10000 Nm18000 Nm
Rotation diameter1500 mm3000 mm3000 mm3600 mm
Tilt axis height700-1800 mm900-1900 mm1000-1800 mm1000-1800 mm
Offset between tilt axis and plate350 mm500 mm500 mm500 mm
Plate diameter500 mm500 mm750 mm950 mm
Weight/unit830 kg1400 kg2000 kg6800 kg


Single-pole welding positioner

The single-pole welding positioner is a more affordable option suitable for handling smaller pieces in particular. The workpiece is attached to the plate which can be lifted, lowered and rotated.

JCK workpiece positionersJCK 750JCK 1500JCK 3000JCK 6000JCK 16000
Lifting capacity750 kg1500 kg3000 kg6000 kg16000 kg
Rotational torque2500 Nm6000 Nm8000 Nm10000 Nm18000 Nm
Tilt torque3000 Nm7500 Nm7500 Nm12000 Nm50000 Nm
Lifting range700-1800 mm800-2000 mm800-2000 mm800-2000 mm1000-1800 mm
Plate diameter500 mm750 mm750 mm950 mm1490 mm
Weight/unit600 kg1000 kg1000 kg1250 kg4800 kg

“It is easier for the welder to turn the product safely and without waiting for the crane. This speeds up the turnaround time for us. In the past, waiting for a bridge crane could take several hours for a single product, because the products we weld, which are now processed on Jucat’s welding positioner, involve a lot of turning. We have also received positive feedback from our employees about the ergonomics of getting the piece in the right working position every time,” says Rostedt.

Milla Rostedt

Managing Director, Ulvilan Konepaja

Customised workpiece positioners to meet individual needs

In addition to the standard equipment range, we manufacture solutions designed to meet individual needs. As our advanced and effective design and production process enables us to provide our clients with all the benefits of high-grade technology, our products come with a productivity guarantee. Tell us what you require, and we can jointly design the optimal solution to meet your production needs!

Hire a workpiece positioner to easily test it before investing

A workpiece positioner is an investment that quickly pays off through improved production efficiency. We offer the option to test a positioner easily by hiring it. The workpiece positioners available for hire are suited to handling light and medium-weight objects. Hiring the equipment quickly pays itself back with interest, and the hiring costs can be included directly in project sales. All you have to do is use the equipment – we take care of the rest.

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Guide to hiring:

What you need to know about hiring our positioners?

In order to stay competitive, companies must increase production efficiency. This can be achieved quickly, without the need for heavy investment, by hiring a positioner. Our innovative positioners are developed to increase our customers’ competitiveness; they are a cost-effective option that boost the efficacy of industrial production in a number of ways. We compiled a comprehensive guide to the benefits of our positioners and our hiring service. 

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