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Next generation of welding automation

Innovative services for developing efficient manufacturing

Improved competitiveness through welding automation

Welding automation provides a company with novel, unparalleled competitiveness by increasing production rate, improving employee expertise and enabling more versatile and sustainable methods for workpiece positioning. Depending on the degree of increased automation, the rate and cost-efficiency of production may be increased by up to 500% as production can be safely continued even overnight and without manual monitoring. This allows providing your clients with solutions for a more competitive price without compromising the sales margin and profit.


Single-axle unit

An excellent solution for welding and processing large and heavy objects. No limits on workpiece size.

Double-axle unit

An excellent solution for welding and processing small and medium-weight objects.





Jucat workpiece positioners are designed to improve the cost-efficiency of production. Our innovative workpiece positioners enable moving the workpiece to the optimal welding or assembly position swiftly and safely, improving output quality and increasing the client’s capacity to stand out from competitors.

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Guide to hiring:

In this guide we go through

  • what kind of companies benefit from positioners?
  • 5 unbeatable benefits of a positioner
  • positioners available for hire
  • positioner hire on a turnkey basis
  • Jucat’s positioners represent the best in the industry