Jucat Oy – Innovative production process improvement and automation


Jucat Oy, established in 2001, is a Finnish specialist partner for companies in the welding and manufacturing industries. We provide our clients with comprehensive automation and robotisation solutions, improving the efficiency of production to ensure competitiveness and to lay a solid foundation for further production development. Thanks to our advanced, optimised design and production process, we can guarantee that our solutions always meet the productiveness goals set at the outset of any project.

Solution-centred and client-oriented approach to improving production

We always collaborate closely with our clients, enabling us to delve deeper into their needs, both at the outset and with regard to further development. We create comprehensive solutions that increase the efficiency of production, providing the client with genuine added value. We support our clients also after the deployment of our solutions to enable utilising their full capacity.

International partner for operators in the welding and manufacturing industries

Headquartered in Seinäjoki, Southern Ostrobothnia, we serve industrial companies across Finland and Europe from our technologically advanced, modern facilities. Our mission is to provide companies in the welding and manufacturing industries with increased competitiveness by improving the productivity, quality, ergonomics and occupational safety of their production. We meet our clients’ developmental needs throughout the investment’s life cycle, and our extensive key partner network enables us to provide highly qualified maintenance and support services also outside of Finland.

Our vision

  • Our ambition is to be the preferred partner in the manufacturing industry.
  • We represent the best in our field.
  • We offer the most extensive range of services.
  • We provide companies in the manufacturing industry with the highest added value.


Extensive range of services

  • Concept designs and production lines
  • Robotic units and stations for various production stages
  • Workpiece positioners
  • Welding and assembly jigs
  • Robot programming and user training
  • Flexible maintenance and support services
  • Further production development solutions


We ensure that our projects are completed on schedule and that the result meets the client’s expectations, objectives and quality requirements. Due to our extensive experience and expertise, we are able to provide our clients with all the benefits of our technological solutions to increase the client’s production efficiency. Our extensive range of services is complemented by our reliable partner and supplier network. We train our personnel and develop our processes on a constant basis to provide our clients with ever-higher quality and all the more productive added value both now and in the future.

Increased production efficiency based on our values

We base our business operations on strong values that guide our everyday activities. To our interest groups, our values appear as, above all, profitable and sustainable business, constant development, investment in the personnel’s expertise and long-term client and partner relationships based on trust.

Profitable financial growth

We grow robustly, profitably and sustainably. We develop our operations on a constant basis and ensure that our clients get a partner whose business is on solid footing.

Long-term added value to clients

Our client relationships are based on lasting trust. We are genuinely interested in participating in our client’s development and ensuring the sustainable growth of their production.

Planned quality and productive processes

High-quality and profitable processes are of utmost importance from the viewpoint of competitiveness. With thorough concept planning, we ensure high-quality and inter-compatible processes.

Motivated personnel

Our growth is based on our highly qualified and motivated personnel who work with production innovations and the latest technological solutions in the manufacturing industry.

Long-term partners

We keep our strategic partners close to the core of our operation. Our relationships with our key partners grow deeper every year as we work actively to make the relationships flourish.

Constantly developing technology

We embrace technological challenges. We deploy new innovations on a constant basis to be able to provide our clients with state-of-the art technological solutions.