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A mobilised workpiece positioner removes production bottlenecks and saves time

A mobilised workpiece positioner removes production bottlenecks and saves time

A mobilised workpiece positioner removes production bottlenecks and saves time

A mobilised workpiece positioner removes production bottlenecks and saves time

Workpiece positioners are traditionally bolted in place and workpieces are moved from one device to the next phase using a crane. One production line may contain several, and even dozens, of workpiece positioners depending on the length and number of phases of the production chain. Not much time is wasted if devices are designed to ensure that workpieces can be attached and detached as quickly and safely as possible, without many detachments in the chain.

But the more attachments and detachments there are, the larger the bottleneck they form in production. We have turned the setup on its head: now the product stays in place and the workpiece positioner moves. Jucat’s new mobilised, battery-powered workpiece positioners can be moved from place to place and from workstation to workstation as necessary – either with or without the product. This brings a whole new level of productivity and effectiveness to production, and saves time!

What are the practical advantages of a mobilised workpiece positioner in production? We’ve listed five:

1) Save time – significantly fewer attachments and detachments

Let’s look at an example. If a production chain contains 15 phases that require a workpiece positioner, up to three hours can easily be spent on simply detaching, moving, and attaching products. Not to mention that you often have to wait for a crane, too. One mobilised workpiece positioner can be run through the product’s entire chain without needing to detach it at any phase. And you only need a crane at the start and end of the chain.

2) You can work on the workpiece while it is moving

Moving a workpiece from one traditional workpiece positioner to another stops production work and forces people and subsequent work phases alike to wait for the move to be complete. In a mobilised workpiece positioner, it is possible to rotate, lift or lower the product while moving it, as it is conveniently attached to the positioner.

3) A mobile workpiece positioner adds adaptability to a production space

The placement of traditional workpiece positioners must be considered carefully, as they cannot be moved in the blink of an eye. As they are bolted to the floor, use of the device is restricted to a single point, and more floor space is required as the device cannot be moved out of the way. Mobilised workpiece positioners can be moved as required, which frees up valuable floor space and provides the opportunity to adjust the layout of production.

4) A single mobilised workpiece positioner can replace several traditional positioners

A single production line may contain dozens of phases that require a workpiece positioner. This means that you also need dozens of traditional workpiece positioners that are affixed to the floor. A mobilised workpiece positioner, on the other hand, moves throughout the entire production chain without needing to be detached until the end of the chain. It can even replace all of the static workpiece positioners in the line. This also minimises the need for a crane, as the workpiece will need to be moved significantly fewer times. The share of productive work increases as auxiliary phases are weeded out of the chain.

5) Safety and ergonomics improve further

The reduction in attachments and detachments is also seen as improved efficiency and flexibility in occupational safety, as the greatest risks relate precisely to detaching and moving products from one device to another using a crane. The improvement in occupational safety and ergonomics is significant, especially in comparison to a situation wherein a workpiece is worked on while on a crane. As with all of our workpiece positioners, the design of a mobilised workpiece positioner pays particular attention to safe use.

Available for a wide range of product capacities

Mobilised workpiece positioners can be used to handle products of various capacities, from hundreds of kilos to thousands of kilos. The solution is available for our entire workpiece positioner product family, whether you want an L-shaped JCL workpiece positioner, a JCP grill-type positioner, or a JCK simple-pole positioner.

The mobilised workpiece positioner is battery-powered and operated using a control panel. The device is suitable for normal factory conditions with a maximum fluctuation of 5cm in floor level. Use of the device does not require special skills, but naturally all of our deliveries also include user training provided by our experts.

Would you like to save time and hear more about mobilised workpiece positioners?

Contact us – we are happy to help you find the best possible solution for your company’s production!

Fight tough with tough! Jucat’s advanced positioners boost competitive ability in increasingly competitive markets

Fight tough with tough! Jucat’s advanced positioners boost competitive ability in increasingly competitive markets

Fight tough with tough! Jucat’s advanced positioners boost competitive ability in increasingly competitive markets

Fight tough with tough! Jucat’s advanced positioners boost competitive ability in increasingly competitive markets

Faster production and tougher competition. These aren’t just phenomena anymore; they are a daily occurrence in the manufacturing industry and machine workshops. We’ve kept this in mind when developing our positioners. Their most important purpose is to increase our customers’ competitive ability. You don’t achieve this by focusing on just one aspect and neglecting other areas. Our positioners are used to simultaneously develop four factors that significantly affect competitive ability with immediate results: boosting production, maintaining high quality in all areas, cutting costs, and improving ergonomics.

What do our customers think of our positioners, what kinds of solutions have we implemented for them, and what makes our positioners so efficient and advanced that we issue a productivity guarantee for them? This article will deal with each point in detail.

Case examples: Wärtsilä, Outotec Turula, and Valmet

Our positioners have increased the productivity of our customers’ work by 30–40%, and in some cases by significantly more. Their benefits are clearest in companies which handle objects weighing in excess of 1,000 kilograms. When those companies replace their crane with a positioner, production increases significantly.

Numerous companies trust in our positioners, including Wärtsilä, Outotec Turula, and Valmet.


Our now lengthy collaboration with Wärtsilä began with rather small projects, which gradually became larger and larger. Our latest positioner delivery was customised fully to meet Wärtsilä’s needs, and design was carried out together with Wärtsilä’s production development team. The project saw the partial automation of a previously manual positioner, and it rotates an axle using a selected program. In the future, the aim is to fully automate the crank axle assembly, which was also kept in mind when designing a new, special positioner.

”“The solution designed by Jucat has increased efficiency because we can now do more at once, and more quickly. Work ergonomics have also improved noticeably.” Project manager Jussi Laulaja, Wärtsilä.

Outotec Turula

We have delivered several fully customised positions for Outotec Turula. Turula’s production handles some seriously large objects. Previously we delivered a grill-type positioner that can handle up to 32,000kg. Our last project converted the old grill positioner into two L-type positioners. The new positioners can each handle objects weighing up to 10,000kg. Our positioners have provided many benefits for Outotec Turula’s production.

“Using cranes, objects are always turned in 90% steps, so the product is not always in the optimal position with regard to welding. Using positioners, objects to be welded can be rotated without steps, so they are always in an optimal position for welding. The devices make it much easier and precise to handle the objects, and this is clearly reflected in occupational safety, quality, and productivity.” Factory manager Markus Mutanen, Outotec Turula.


We delivered several different types of positioner solution for Valmet’s Jyväskylä site. Valmet’s aim was to increase the productivity and safety of the manufacturing process, not forgetting ergonomics. We responded by customising dedicated positioners for different sizes and product families, paying particular attention to the device’s technical level, which makes a safe and ergonomic work environment possible.

Positioner delivered to Wärtsilä

The innovative features of Jucat’s positioners are in a league of their own

What makes our positioners so effective and unique? The answer lies in careful product design that gives our positioners unrivalled features.

Safety and ergonomics
  • Thanks to the speed adjustment function, lifting and lowering can be carried out softly at a lower speed. The speed can be increased once the load has been lifted to a safe height. It is also possible to adjust the speed at which the device rotates.
  • The piece is fully attached to the device. Both ends of the piece move simultaneously during lifting and lowering, with no wobbling.
  • Collision thresholds can be saved in the positioner.
  • The piece can easily be turned to a suitable angle for working, and can be lifted or lowered to a suitable height for individual employees.
  • All welding can be carried out optimally in the flat position.
Boosting production
  • The programmable work cycle can be programmed for several points, and in the desired work order; our positioners always automatically turn the object to the correct position.
  • Production becomes more efficient as all work phases are carried out in an optimal position and at the optimal height for each employee at the touch of a button.
  • Our positioners allow for work to be stopped and continued later on from exactly the same point.
  • In addition to their large lifting capacity, they also have high rotational torque.
  • You can start handling an object much more quickly with a positioner than with a crane.
  • Jucat positioners are typically in full production use on the work day immediately following installation.
  • In our experience, production increases by at least 30-40% with our positioners.
Cost savings and improved quality
  • The programmable work cycle and the device automation mean that no time is spent trying to find a suitable working angle – resulting in a shorter turnaround for projects. Work is also of the same quality regardless of who carried it out, as everyone carries out each work phase from the same angle.
  • The possibility of carrying out all welding work effectively in the flat position means that the result is of a more even quality and work takes place more quickly.
  • When work ergonomics and safety are in order, unnecessary absences due to illness decrease.
  • Our positioners prevent damage and dangerous situations from occurring as a result of objects swinging or slipping. Collision thresholds means that the positioners will not collide with other devices or structures.
  • A positioner typically repays itself within one year, and sometimes in a single project.

The advantages that come from using our positioners benefit not only the company that uses the device, but also its employees, and its customers. Production projects have a shorter turnaround, more consistent results, and are employee-friendly.

Increased production efficiency, a more consistent result, cost savings, and improvements in ergonomics are achieved in production immediately after deploying one of our positioners. Thanks to our advanced and efficient planning and production processes, we take full responsibility for our solutions and give them productivity guarantees – that’s how confident we are of our positioners’ benefits.

Are you interested in buying or hiring a Jucat positioner? Contact us and let’s map your needs together!

Positioner delivered to Outotec Turula.