MSK Cabins

Trust and cooperation played a key role: a robotic welding cell was installed in just four weeks, starting from the foundations

MSK Cabins Oy is part of the MSK Group, a family-owned group of six industrial companies in three countries, in addition to the parent company. MSK Cabins Oy manufactures safety cabs for agricultural machinery, including Valtra tractors, which operate worldwide. Jucat and MSK Group had previously worked together on smaller projects, and the investment in the welding cell significantly deepened their joint journey.

MSK Cabins

MSK Group is a steadily growing, diversified, high-tech family business. However, at MSK Cabins, a manufacturer of safety cabins for industrial machinery, some of the main production equipment was beginning to reach the end of its life cycle. It was clear that major investments in equipment would be needed in the near future.

The choice of solution provider was based on the desire to invest in advanced technology, productivity and safety at work. The location of the supplier was also an important selection criterion, as access to support and maintenance services was seen as an advantage for the future. However, the most important factor was reliability.

“We have a period of practically four weeks each year when old equipment can be dismantled and new equipment can be installed and run in. We have to make sure that production can start without a problem after the four weeks of installation work. So when choosing a partner, we had to pay special attention to reliability,” says Mikko Kuivamäki, Technical Manager at MSK Cabins.

High-tech robotic welding cell deployed in just four weeks

This was the first phase of a challenging and long-term project. Its aim was to improve productivity, eliminate maintenance downtime and improve welding quality by modernising the equipment. The scale of the project was significant for both MSK Cabins and Jucat.

For a project of this magnitude, the four-week schedule is inherently tight, which had to be carefully kept in mind from the outset. The MSK Cabins team already had a preliminary idea of the operating model for the new stations. Jucat brought new ideas and technologies to the table, such as ABB welding robots and Fronius welding equipment. The benefits of the whole have been undeniable.

“Jucat supplied us with a completely new type of robotic welding station. The solution significantly improved our productivity and safety at work, and at the same time we upgraded our ERP connection to meet today’s requirements. We have been very pleased with our cooperation,” Kuivamäki sums up the results of the collaboration.

The second phase of the project is already planned, with the aim of further improving the automation level of the equipment.

Close cooperation, excellent project management and technological know-how were key factors

The project seamlessly combined cooperation between the teams of both companies, excellent project management and strong expertise in automation solutions. The Jucat team’s short response time to requests, adjustments and wishes was also praised. The combination of these factors resulted in a significant competitive advantage for MSK Cabins, strengthening the company’s position in the market. Kuivamäki singles out three factors in particular that ensured the success of the project and the return on investment:

“We have found a partner we can trust. Jucat has a really hard-working team and excellent project management. It was easy for us to follow the progress and details of the work throughout the project. I think there are a few key factors for the success of this project. One of them is the really close cooperation between the MSK and Jucat teams. The project management was also excellent. These things combined with the high level of technology I think is the right way to go.