New rotation solutions for large components are born from an innovative approach

Wärtsilä Corporation is a supplier of innovative technology and lifecycle solutions and a market leader in the marine and energy markets.


New rotation solutions for large components are born from an innovative approach

Wärtsilä is known for its pioneering technological solutions in the energy and marine industries. The company is committed to continuous innovation and sustainable development, as demonstrated by its investments in multi-fuel engines, environmentally friendly energy solutions and smart digital applications.

Wärtsilä’s collaboration with Jucat dates back to 2015, when the company was looking for a solution to rotate large, heavy pieces. At the time, many factors influenced the choice of supplier, but one major factor in the continued collaboration is the open-mindedness towards new solutions – a characteristic shared by both companies:

“Jucat has been a good supplier from the start. They have been as open-minded about new technologies as we are. Over the years we have purchased several pieces of equipment from them, the first of which is still in active production,” says Jussi Laulaja, Wärtsilä’s development engineer.

Jussi Laulaja main role is as a project manager for automation projects in component manufacturing, and he has therefore been the contact person for most of Jucat’s and Wärtsilä’s projects.

At the heart of cooperation is the rotation of large and heavy pieces

Wärtsilä’s component manufacturing operations involve a large number of large, heavy and precision parts, and the selection of partners has therefore placed particular emphasis on the skills and technology required to meet this need. Jucat equipment has always been able to meet the company’s projects, even when the solution required customisation and a new way of doing things. Local presence also brings many advantages, not only in terms of maintenance but also in terms of potential problems. Help is available quickly.

On a day-to-day level, the solutions provided by Jucat are reflected in improved efficiency, improved quality performance and improved safety and ergonomics at work. The elimination of the need to rotate pieces on the cranes, which is directly reflected in the well-being and productivity of the workers.

High-tech robotics for a motorised washing machine

In 2021, Jucat provided Wärtsilä with a completely new solution for the company’s new Sustainable Technology Hub in Vaasa, Finland. A washing system was needed to wash engine blocks and other large components, and Jucat supplied the transfer and rotation equipment and robotics for this system. These days, component cleanliness requirements are high and constantly increasing. According Laulaja, the solution required high-tech equipment that could also meet these criteria.

“Jucat has taken an open-minded approach to offering us challenging packages. They have always been brave and very active. In the case of the block washer, we first carried out extensive preliminary work on the project with Jucat, which then formed the basis for formulating and implementing the solution. There are not many suppliers of such a package who are brave enough to take up the challenge. They have always delivered what they promised, which has been important to us,” says the Jussi Laulaja.