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Case: Prima Power – Jucat’s robotic system boosted the efficiency of a new automated production line

A client of Prima Power’s had long experience in manufacturing self-service storage doors manually. However, the manual process was afflicted by various challenges pertaining to internal logistics, leading to misplaced goods, delayed deliveries and even damaged products. It was clear that a more efficient, higher quality production system was required.

Prima Power delivered its client a new automated production line which required a robotic system for joining and attaching the door components. According to Antti Kuusisaari, Vice President of System Sales at Prima Power, Jucat was a natural choice for a partner as he was already familiar with the company which is located just a stone’s throw from Prima Power’s premises.

“I’ve known both Jucat and CEO Jukka Rintala for a long time. I knew Jucat is a highly dynamic and forward-looking company that has solid expertise in robotics and actively takes on new challenges. We inquired whether they could implement the robotic system we required, and that sparked our collaboration”, Kuusisaari recounts the early stages of the project.

Prima Power

Automated production line implemented with Jucat

The companies’ collaboration launched vigorously. As the year was closing in and the Christmas rush about to hit, the tender had to be drawn up without delay. Prima Power outlined the initial information with high precision, enabling Jucat to respond very quickly. At first, Jucat created a simulation of the solution to be produced, focusing on improving production rate, among other things. The simulation convinced the client, and the production was started.

The initial stages of the production line were tested and demonstrated with the help of visualisations provided by the client. Then Jucat was provided with pre-bent door blanks to enable hands-on familiarisation with the components’ shape, size, weight, rigidity and other properties essential in terms of production. The next stage was to take a closer look at Jucat’s concept design, the scale of the solution and the content of delivery.

The production line was first assembled at Jucat’s production facilities where it was tested, inspected and pre-approved. After the robotic system had been adjusted to reach the desired output, it was re-assembled at the Prima Power factory where the client carried out the factory approval tests. The client was highly satisfied with the result: it met all the set criteria.

“Installation in the client’s country of manufacture is currently underway. Prima Power’s production line is installed first, and Jucat’s robotic assembly line will be fitted immediately afterwards. Then the system will be operational, and the client can start production. Upon completion, warranty service for the production line will be provided by the local ABB unit. In this project, Jucat’s good connections to ABB provided significant added benefits to our client”, Kuusisaari sums.

Added value to collaboration from professional project management

As a whole, the collaboration with Jucat was seamless, precise and effective. Communication was excellent throughout the project, and the proximity of the partners’ offices improved it further.

“As tailored projects are sensitive by nature, they have to be mutually monitored. Jucat’s project manager showed admirable expertise and initiative throughout the project. We were always aware of the project’s progress. Each question was answered immediately and every matter handled effectively and with expertise. For instance, at the final stretch of the project, the client got a development idea concerning the mounting of the system. Jucat grasped the idea quickly, and it was quickly implemented”, Kuusisaari states on the collaboration with Jucat.


Increased demand for turnkey automated solutions


The 27 metres long production line delivered as a turnkey solution contains all the components, equipment and machinery required for punching, bending and assembling door blanks. According to Kuusisaari, the project was extremely inspiring as the demand for automated production lines as turnkey solutions such as this is very high both in Finland and abroad.

“We constantly present and sell automated systems in the international market, and we get more and more inquiries on turnkey solutions. Clients have production-related requirements, challenges or ideas to which they search comprehensive solutions that cover the entire process from the raw material to the installed product,” Kuusisaari explains on the market situation of automated solutions.